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Posted: Jan 30, 2014

Choosing the Right Tool for the Right Job Saves Time and Money

Playing it safe on the job site includes choosing the right tool or equipment for the task at hand. Making the wrong choice can cause serious injury and property damage; a search for "fails" on the Internet yields a plethora of videos showcasing people using tools and equipment that are clearly unsuitable for the job. Some online favourites feature a large forklift being used to lift a smaller one, that in turn is used to lift and place another piece of equipment. Yet another depicts a car being held in the air by two forklifts, one on either side, with a worker standing underneath!

While these videos may elicit a chuckle, it's sobering to see people putting their safety at risk. In some cases, cost and availability are the mitigating factors behind the wrong equipment choice. But when you consider the possibility of suffering injury or disability is using the wrong tool worth the risk? Taking time to obtain the right tools and equipment, and training people to use them properly, will save time, money, and — most importantly — lives. If you don't have the resources needed for the job, borrow from a friend, hire a professional, or rent. When you become an Internet sensation, make sure it's for the right reasons!

Equipment Rentals and Sales From Western One

WesternOne is focused on customer satisfaction and the top-quality operating condition of its equipment. All equipment is kept in peak operating condition by WesternOne's certified, factory-trained union mechanics and technicians. You can rent or buy with confidence, knowing that the equipment will be delivered to your site, ready and able to work. WesternOne is an authorized factory dealer, sales representative, and broker for a variety of industry-recognized manufacturers and brands. Buy the equipment you need and feel secure in the knowledge that you're receiving the best competitive pricing in Western Canada. Factory warranties are also available on select equipment.

Polaris ATV and Ranger/RZR Utility Vehicles Dealer

As North Vancouver Island's only authorized Polaris ATV and Ranger/RZR Utility Vehicles dealer. WesternOne is also the exclusive dealer for Polaris snowmobiles on Vancouver Island. Factory-trained and factory-certified Silver/Gold technicians are on hand for any servicing or repair need, and financing is available. For more information, call 250.339.4518 (local) or;1.877.339.4518 (toll-free).

IVES Certification Training

WesternOne also offers IVES Operator Certification Training that includes theory, practical training, and evaluation. The training is a win-win for both employer and employee. When an employee successfully completes the training, he or she receives a certificate and wallet card. The employer, in turn, receives copies of all documentation, including theory and practical test records. To find out more, call Greg Phelps, IVES Certified Trainer, at 250.667.0665 or WesternOne in Courtenay at 250.331.0748.

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