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Jun 28, 2021

Is it Time to Replace Your Damaged or Outdated Window Coverings?

Window coverings need updating from time to time, just like other items in your home. They can get worn and damaged, or may not match your current decor.  Sometimes though it's unclear when it's the right time to replace your window coverings. 

Here's a list of 4 reasons to upgrade your existing window treatments, courtesy of Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island.

1. Warped, Bent or Broken Slats

Faux wood blinds will bend when exposed to high heat for long periods, while wooden blinds warp when exposed to moisture. Aluminum blinds also dent when you apply heavy pressure. The damage creates an unpleasant appearance and can cause difficulty during operation.
Solar/roller shades might be a great replacement choice for those windows that get a lot of sun. Choose from a range of opacities to filter light, heat, and harmful UV rays.
And while aluminum blinds can be a cost efficient choice in offices or commercial settings, it's best to avoid aluminum blinds at home, especially if you have kids or pets, because they dent easily.  Additionally, they often also have cords which create a choking hazard.
Honeycomb or cellular cordless shades or roller shades are an excellent upgrade because they're child-friendly, available in light-filtering to room darkening, and are flexible, very durable, and easy to clean.

2. The Window Treatments Are Difficult to Open

Do you struggle to open your blinds and shades or draw your curtains? If so, it means that your opening mechanisms are damaged or are simply worn out and need to be replaced. For corded blinds, the damage may also be tangling or broken cords. For non-motorized curtains and drapes, opening and closing may be restricted due to jammed curtain tracks. The carriers in the track could be off or the cord control is simply worn out and frayed, making the curtains even harder to operate.
Frayed cords that have outlived their years are also difficult to operate. A new set of blinds helps you eliminate operation issues and the frustration of not being able to raise or lower your blinds. You may also experience problems with old, motorized blinds, or shades. Automation has improved greatly, with new motorization options from rechargeable to smart home apps. Replace outdated technology and enjoy opening and closing your window treatments with the push of a button on your smartphone.

3. Discolored Slats and Fabrics

Over years of use and exposure to weather elements, the slats on your blinds and wood shutters lose their color and begin to yellow. UV rays from the sun discolor the material, making your blinds and shutters appear faded and outdated. New window treatments are pleasing to the eye, especially if you're looking to upgrade your home for sale. Homebuyers are more willing to give your house a chance if the window treatments are as new as the freshly painted walls in the rest of the house.

4. Out of Style

Do you think that your horizontal blinds are out of style? Perhaps the floral patterns on your curtains are outdated? Upgrading your house to a contemporary more modern on-trend style is a perfect reason to upgrade all your window treatments. Fortunately, you can still find blinds, shutters, shades, and drapes that match your updated style while allowing natural light control, privacy, and beauty in your home. It's wise to invest in custom window treatments that fit each window perfectly.
Also, after years of using the same style, changing your window treatments is rejuvenating for you and your home.
If you're looking to cut energy costs, shades and blinds are great choices because there are varieties with solar insulation properties. The best part is that you can choose different window treatments for every room to serve the space's needs.

Where Should You Start?

Do you need new window treatments but don't know where to start? Budget Blinds has the solution for you. Schedule a free consultation with us to receive expert guidance on window treatments for a fresh look or sale upgrade.

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Jun 28, 2021

New Homes by Preferred Builders at The Ridge

In this sizzling real estate market, it can be a challenge to find and purchase a new home. At The Ridge in Courtenay, the development has preferred builders, who have a proven track record of building new quality homes in this neighbourhood. They have reserved home lots in their newest phase

These preferred builders at The Ridge are bringing on extra teams of carpenters and sub-trades in order to have new homes ready for occupancy in the coming months. New homes at The Ridge are being built in a variety of styles that include ranchers, and two-storey designs, some with a walk-out basement. Some of these new homes will have a secondary suite and some lots have the option to build a coach house.

Candor Developments has a home under construction on Eagleview Crescent in Courtenay, BC, with 926 sq. ft. on the main floor and 890 sq. ft. on the second floor. This family home will feature three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a great room with a gas fireplace, an open concept kitchen with an accompanying dining area and a covered outside deck.

This home is not being listed for sale at this time. Anyone interested in purchasing this home may contact the realtor for updates on when the home will be completed.
Realtor: Richelle Newson Cell: 778-977-2029 | Email: hello@realestatebyrichelle.com

Find out more. Contact one of the Preferred Builders at The Ridge:

Lawmar Contracting | lawmar.ca
Lawrie McIntyre  Phone: 250.338.7637  Email: lawrie@lawmar.ca

Brando Construction | brandoconstruction.com
Realtor: Bill Anglin  Cell: 250.703.6119  Email:info@courtneyanglin.com

Coastal Custom Homes | coastalcustomhomes.ca
Dean Vershuur  Cell: 250.465.2205  Email: dean@coastalcustomhomes.ca

Candor Developments Inc. | candordevelopments.ca
Realtor: Richelle Newson Cell: 778-977-2029 | Email: hello@realestatebyrichelle.com

Grand Legacy Homes
Wayne Schick  Cell: 250.702.2251  Email: wayne@grandlegacy.ca

 Smits Construction Ltd. Nathan Smits
250.792.1560 Email: Nathansmits@hotmail.com

Please check our site plan to see about the availability of homes with our preferred builders.
June 2021: Availability and conditions subject to change without notice.

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