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Mar 28, 2022

Your New Home Investment is Protected at The Ridge in Courtenay

Homebuyers in The Ridge community in Courtenay, BC enjoy the assurance that their home and future homes in the neighbourhood have architectural guidelines in place for the benefit of all residents. What exactly are building schemes and archtiectural guidelines?

Building Schemes

A Building Scheme is a covenant put in place by the developer - Bucksone Investments - for the benefit of the future property owners in the phase. The agreement is a private covenant registered against each lot in the phase. A typical covenant is to ensure minimum sizes of homes are developed and maintained in each phase.

Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Guidelines are rules and suggestions written by the Developer to assist designers and home builders in developing building designs and home plans that suit the character of the development. They represent the minimum expectations of Buckstone and assist in the design quality of the development. These guidelines help Buckstone in presenting designed harmonious streetscapes and consistent quality neighbourhoods for the benefit of the subsequent homeowners.

Residents Love Living at The Ridge

We hear amazing feedback from the homeowners at The Ridge who love living there for many reasons. The Building Scheme and Design Guidelines reassure all owners that their investment in this beautiful neighbourhood will be protected into the future. Residents talk about how much they like the wide streets and sidewalks, the local two-acre park and the overall design of the development. This subdivision has been designed in a way to maximize the mountain and ocean views, giving owners a taste of the beautiful Vancouver Island scenery. Residents also love to walk on the local trails to access the local ocean beaches and nearby Millard Creek Park.

Relocating to Courtenay on Vancouver Island

Families of all ages are looking to live where they can recreate, enjoy a temperate climate and live in a vibrant community. Living at The Ridge in Courtenay means you are within 20 minutes of numerous golf courses, hiking trails, snow sports, world-class mountain biking, boating, fishing, beach walks and other outdoor activities. This friendly community is also a 30-minute drive to Mount Washington and a 20-minute drive to the Comox Airport (YQQ).

Start your journey towards living the Vancouver Island lifestyle at The Ridge. Many homes at The Ridge offer spectacular ocean and mountain views. Contact one of their builders to find out more about purchasing a new home at The Ridge.

Mar 18, 2022

Put Safety First With Cordless Options From Budget Blinds

When it comes to making the safest choice in window coverings for any home with children or pets, why take chances? Fortunately, with Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island, you don’t have to. 

From cordless child-safe blinds and cordless shades with retractable lifts, to motorized options, Budget Blinds has an array of safe window coverings to minimize the risk of accidents or injury.  The Budget Blinds pledge to help keep your children and pets safe with state-of-the-art, safety-first window coverings begins early in the product design phase and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process. The result of this safety-first approach to window coverings means you can have peace of mind knowing your children and pets are in a safer environment.

With new Health Canada regulation coming into effect to protect children from window coverings cords, Budget Blinds is also enacting some changes to their product lines.

Starting in April 2022, Budget Blinds will only be selling cordless, child-safe or motorized window coverings. Products like Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades will be discontinued as they have exposed cords.

Over the last three decades, Health Canada has worked to reduce the risks posed by corded window coverings. 

To help eliminate this hazard, Health Canada has published the new Corded Window Coverings Regulations to restrict the length of cords and the size of loops allowed on window coverings sold in Canada, to avoid the possibility of their getting wrapped around a child's neck. The new regulations go further to protect children from this hazard than those of any other country. The requirements for window coverings will apply to all products sold in Canada, both custom-made and off-the-shelf.

If you’re looking for safe options for children's rooms or playrooms, Budget Blinds has a huge selection of shutters, window film and motorization options that allevaiet concerns over safety, as well as address the need for night filtration and privacy.

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