Create a Dry Job Site With the Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro, Available at WesternOne in Courtenay

Posted: Nov 22, 2013

Vancouver Island residents know that the green landscape in which we live means that our west coast climate is sometimes a little damp. The moisture and humidity that render our landscape so lush can also cause problems with products affected by high moisture levels.

Humidity can wreak havoc when building a house, installing hardwood floors, prepping drywall, or building cabinets. A dry job site can save money and avoid humidity-related problems such as checking or shrinkage. It can even prevent or eliminate mold. So, before the insulation goes in and the drywall goes up, doesn't it make sense to start with a moisture-free work site?

Dehumidifiers Are a Great Solution

WesternOne in Courtenay carries the perfect solution for a wet work environment: the Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro. This large-capacity, stainless-steel dehumidifier offers a perfect combination of high-performance and portability. Capable of removing an astounding 176 pints of water a day, the Quest PowerDry 4000's multiple ducting options allow for ducting both intake and processed air, giving you amazing flexibility on any job site. Multiple ducting also makes it easy to combine the unit with a HEPA air scrubber, air conditioner, or desiccant dehumidifier.

Great Rental Options and Rates

The Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro is available for daily, weekly, or monthly rental from WesternOne's Courtenay location on Moray Avenue. To find out more, call Greg Phelps at 250.667.0665 or WesternOne in Courtenay at 250.331.0748.

Rentals, Sales, and Service

WesternOne, your one-stop shop on Vancouver Island for tool and equipment rentals and sales, is North Vancouver Island's only authorized Polaris ATV and Ranger/RZR Utility Vehicles dealer. WesternOne is also Vancouver Island's exclusive dealer for Polaris snowmobiles. Factory-trained and factory-certified Silver/Gold technicians are on hand for any servicing or repair need, and financing is available. For more information, call 250.339.4518 (local) or 1.877.339.4518 (toll-free). You can also use their Request a Quote online form.

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