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Posted: Jul 24, 2012

Design build modern home builder vancouver islandCapstone Dwellings remains the only company in the Comox Valley offering professional design services together under the same roof as qualified construction delivery. The official term for this specialized delivery is "Design-Build". To make the package even more attractive, the firms design fees are currently sitting at $50/hour - the most affordable in their class in the Comox Valley. Rates are set to increase as regular scheduled in September 2012.
Custom home building with modern home design remains the focus for this design-build firm. Principal designer and project manager Bethany Pearce continues to steer the budding company in the direction of "smaller and smarter" dwellings in preference over the sprawling Mc-Mansions of past boom times. As a keen market-researcher, Bethany sees the need for affordable housing and can sense that home owners long for simpler days for living in, paying for, and maintaining their homes.
Capstone projects are emerging at a steady pace throughout the Comox Valley, along with the firms signature style, which includes accessible use of colour, careful texture and patternDesign Build Comox Valley combinations, modern/contemporary elements, creative product applications, and smart use of space. Capstone Dwellings designs each project specifically for their clients without relying too heavily on passing treads. For commercial projects, the end-user is the main focus for driving careful design decisions.
Capstone Dwellings is now accepting new clients for custom homes to break ground 2013. Bethany Pearce recommends at least eight months with a qualified company offering home design, such as Capstone Dwellings, to insure quality design is delivered. Currently permitting process is about 3-4 weeks, depending on the municipality. The ideal time to have design complete and read for permitting is January-February allowing for site works to begin as the Spring season emerges.
Services offered by Capstone Dwellings Design-Build include whole-home/renovation design, interior design, feasibility studies (commercial and residential), commercial design and construction, leasehold improvements, project management, design-build construction delivery, and general design and construction consulting. The growing Capstone team now consists of Sr. Journeyman Carpenters, Interior/Building Designers, Specialized Trades and Consultants, Project Managers and a Design Administrator. Call Bethany Pearce at Capstone Dwellings Design-Build for a complementary consultation regarding your Design-Build needs. Office: 250-331-9004 / Cell: 250-898-7573 /

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