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Feb 18, 2022

How to Choose: Blackout Blinds vs Light Filtering

Start with the question “Do you want any light in your room?” If you want the light, but need the glare and harmful UV rays filtered out, and a little privacy, Bludget Blinds can offer plenty of better options than a blackout shade. 

On the other hand, if you need to sleep during the day or have a toddler that needs to take a daily nap, then a blackout shade or blackout curtain would likely be your best choice.

With other window coverings stores, you may be presented with just two options: a standard lined shade or blackout shades. But Budget Blinds has an array of products with different opacity levels.

What is Opacity?

Opacity is the amount of light that passes through a shade or other window treatment. Opacity varies from sheer to blackout. The opacity changes the look of a window treatment, and the amount of light control and privacy it provides.

Options That Filter Light and Provide Privacy

If you like light but need privacy consider translucent roller shade fabrics that let a glow of light in but provide a level of privacy. Or woven shades with a light weight liner that allow light to filter through, but no one to see in your windows. This option also allows for the wonderful texture of the woven shade to be enhanced and not completely washed out by the harsh sunlight streaming through an unlined shade. Or consider the ever-versatile cellular shade with a range of fabric opacities and options like top-down/bottom up.

This is another reason to call your local Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island design consultant who will bring the samples to your home and show you how each fabric works with the light coming through your windows.

Do Blackout Shades Have to Be a Dark Colour?

Your blackout shades do not have to be black! In fact, they do not even have to be a dark colour. The “blackout” effect of the shade is not determined by the colour of the shade but the backing layer in the material.

You can have a light-coloured woven shade, or fabric Roman Shade, lined with a blackout liner. The blackout liners come in shades of white, beige and greys, great for condos. You can also choose a lighter colour for a roller shade - as long as it has the blackout backing, it will do the job of darkening your room. 

Where Should Blackout Shades Be Mounted?

There is a lot that goes into determining how to best mount a shade. This is where the assistance of your Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island consultant helps you save time, money, and frustration! Their knowledge of how each product is made and how it fits will help you receive the right product with the right functionality for the job. Whether it is blocking light, filtering light, providing privacy or both.

What about Blackout Curtains?

Like shades, custom blackout curtains are offer light blocking thanks to the lining and not the face fabric. So you can use a lighter weight fabric combined with a blackout lining to get all the light control and privacy you need.

As you can see there are a lot of things to consider when selecting the right window treatments! Budget Blinds is here to help. Your locally-owned stores bring years of experience, and a variety of samples directly to you. Budget Blinds will assist you in finding the right product that fits your style, your needs, and your budget. 

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