Vancouver Island Real Estate Quarter Ownership Reduces Carbon Footprint

Posted: Jun 27, 2010


Eco-friendly Vacation Homes at Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa on Vancouver Island


Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa is an elegant residential resort that offers affordable flexible second home real estate options. This Vancouver Island real estate development is located in the heart of Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Investing in a Vancouver Island real estate at quarter ownership reduces carbon emissions, in that, a number of people purchase a portion of a property as a vacation home and share usage which reduces the number of individual buildings constructed, as well as maintenance and upkeep.

Quarter ownership is not only greener, but it is also more affordable and provides the opportunity to enter into the Vancouver Island real estate market. Fractional owners can own a portion of a property such as a vacation home at an elegant residential resort such as Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa, for a fraction of the cost of a full Vancouver Island vacation home, without all the hassle of property maintenance.

When owners are not staying at their Vancouver Island vacation home in Victoria, it can be rented out on the owner’s behalf. Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa offers elegant vacation homes at quarter ownership starting from $149,900.

For more information visit Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa.

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