Vancouver Island Real Estate - An Overview

Posted: Dec 03, 2009

Vancouver Island Real Estate

There is a variety of real estate to choose from when looking for a home, vacation home, retirement property or investment real estate to purchase on Vancouver Island. The following types of real estate are available on Vancouver Island: single family (detached) homes, condominiums, duplexes & townhouses, patio homes, beach homes and vacation homes, and residential lots.
There are a variety of real estate vacation options, ranging from investing in a part-ownership of a condomiumium style project to purchasing real estate in one of many golf course developments on Vancouver Island or even on Mt. Washington, where some international winter teams are practicing for the 2010 Olympics. There are also many oceanview and waterfront properties to choose from all over Vancouver Island, with very affordable pricing. Due to the milder winters on Vancouver Island the building materials that are used are most likely wood, hardy planking, stucco and concrete for exterior finishes.

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