Rainwater & Stormwater Management Gaining Recognition

Posted: Aug 17, 2010


Grow Livable Vancouver Island Communities by using Rainwater

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) unveiled an updated website in order to inform and educate planners, builders, developers, landscape architects, designers, engineers, stormwater managers, and elected officials about creative new ideas on sustainable rainwater and stormwater practices.

Rainwater and stormwater best management practices are gaining recognition as effective, flexible, and environmentally sound ways for controlling the quantity and improving the quality of rainwater and stormwater runoff, while also adding amenity to a wide variety of development projects.

Considering we live on Vancouver Island wherein we receive a fair amount of rain and where there are are also many Vancouver Island home developments being constructed, the above would be something worth practicing and in creating livable Vancouver Island communities by using rainwater.

To read the complete story visit WERF.

Please note that this blog entry was published more than three months ago. Some details may be outdated.


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