Oak Bay Beach Hotel Buy Back Guarantee Program Ends March 15

Posted: Mar 09, 2011


Oak bay Beach HotelThe Oak Bay Beach Hotel’s Buy Back Guarantee program is almost complete. Purchasers of the 5-star vacation hotel suites and private luxury residences at this oceanfront hotel near Victoria on Vanouver Island have until March 15, 2011 to contract with the luxury hotel to be eligible for the guarantee.
“In early January, we announced a unique program designed to give buyers the opportunity to "test drive" a property at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel,” explained sales director Brad Neufeld. “As long as you contract with us by March 15, 2011, take title to your property when we complete in April 2012, and hold that property for 2 years beyond that (to April 2014), you can simply return the property to us for a full purchase price refund if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase during your period of ownership.”
Construction at the Vancouver Island landmark waterfront hotel is progressing nicely, the owners report.
An unexpected oceanview has opened up from the newly poured north wing of the second floor.
Plumbers and electricians are working their way through the now completed parking structure. They will follow the concrete and form team up through the building. The forms are in place for the 3rd level, then it’s two and a half more to go and the roof and windows will be installed. The hotel should be locked up and ready to begin interior fittings by July.

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