Nutmeg Homes Building Green in the Comox Valley

Posted: Apr 27, 2011

Nutmeg Homes - custom home builder ComoxComox Valley custom home builder Nutmeg Homes has voluntarily started to rate the homes they build with the Energuide rating system, and are currently exploring working with the LEED rating system (the owners of Nutmeg Homes says they believe the homes they build would probably rate LEED silver or gold now).
“We realize that improvements are still possible and are in awe of net zero energy homes that are being built is some areas of the world,” says owner Paul Witt. “Our list of standard methods, materials and items generally grows and matures with every home we build. We strive for constant improvement in our designs, energy efficiency, structural strength and long term sustainability.”
NutMeg Homes uses Insulated Concrete Forms to build their houses. ICFs are a system of hollow insulating expanded polystyrene blocks that hold steel rebar and click together like Lego blocks. The forms are then filled with concrete. The insulated forms have permanent solid concrete cores; ready for siding and dry wall. Nutmeg Homes believes a home should be more than a major financial investment, it should also be comfortable, durable and efficient.

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