Energy Efficiency Rating Service Offered through Natural Resources Canada

Posted: Jul 07, 2010


EnerGuide Label for New Vancouver Island Homes

Vancouver Island home owners have an advantage they have never had before.  When purchasing Vancouver Island real estate, a home owner may have access on how energy efficient their home is, or the new residential home they are about to purchase.

EnerGuide is an energy efficiency rating service offered by Certified Energy Advisors through Natural Resources Canada for new residential homesVancouver Island builders are able to have the construction of their new projects accessed by a Certified Energy Advisor and generate a label through Natural Resources Canada in order to prove the efficiency of the newly constructed home. The products used to build Vancouver Island homes, the craftsmanship and practices used during the construction, is all taken into account in the EnerGuide rating and confirmed once construction of the home is completed, by the Certified Energy Advisor.

The technology for Vancouver Island real estate purchasers to know what their utility expenses are going to be in their new Vancouver Island home for the next 20 years, has arrived.

Contact  Elemental Energy Advisors to find out the proactive builders in your Vancouver Island area who are willing to prove the quality of their new residential homes by having them EnerGuide rated.

For more information visit Elemental Energy Advisors or call Cristi Guttormson (250) 830-8000.

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