BC Hydro Provides Funding for EnerGuide Labeling

Posted: Aug 04, 2010


Energy Efficient Homes on Vancouver Island

BC Hydro is providing funding to cover approximately 90% of the cost towards EnerGuide labeling, when building a new Vancouver Island home. There is a time frame in regards to this funding and it will only be available until the BC Building Codes changes in 2011. Changes in the BC Building Codes could result in mandatory EGH labeling of all new construction on Vancouver Island.

In the City of Vancouver, it is now mandatory to have EGH labeling on all new construction in order to obtain an occupancy permit.

In order to gain a competitive market edge on Vancouver Island, why not prove that the construction of your new Vancouver Island home is energy efficient through a Natural Resources Canada EGH label on your breaker panel.

Cristi from Elemental Energy Advisors on Vancouver Island, can assist you on EGH labeling, air leakage testing and help Build Green Builders register their homes.

For more information view Elemental Energy Advisors.

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