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Posted: Jan 31, 2014

New Eligibility Requirements for BC's Power Smart New Home Program, So Don't Miss Out on Available Incentives

Did you know that there are new eligibility requirements for BC's Power Smart New Home Program? Effective October 1, 2013, you must provide EnerGuide labelling within six months of your occupancy permit to be eligible for Power Smart incentives. Builders must achieve an Energy Guide rating of 80 and above to qualify for incentives of up to $200 per home for row houses, townhouses, and duplexes, and up to $2,000 per home for new single-family dwellings.

There is also an ENERGY STAR Package incentive in the amount of $150 per dwelling for installing the following four products:

  • refrigerator;
  • clothes washer;
  • six CFL or LED bulbs (considered to be one product); and
  • bathroom ventilation fan.

All four of these products need to be installed to qualify for the rebate. Dishwashers are no longer included in the offer.

The certified energy advisors at Elemental Energy Advisors can guide owner-builders and Vancouver Island new-home builders through building a more energy-efficient home. Their goal is to help reduce your utility expenses while conserving energy that benefits our environment. Set your real estate development apart by making it Power Smart! Contact Christi Sacht from Elemental Energy Advisors at 250.830.8000.

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