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Aug 28, 2023

Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island Introduces Two New Brands

Budget Blinds has always been renowned for their excellent selection of products to suit all tastes and styles. They are now working with two additional companies to expand the scope of their products even more.

Budget Blinds has recently introduced products from Inspired Drapes, from the United States. This company offers made-to-order blinds, ensuring the latest styles are always available. Their draperies coordinate with their roller blinds, providing a seamless look throughout your home. The draperies are dry cleanable and steam beautifully for easy touch-ups at home. Inspired Drapes are available as pleated, ring-ready or grommet/backtab styles.

Creative Threads is the other new brand now available at Budget Blinds. This family-run business features high-quality cotton/linen blend draperies. All of their designs are created in-house and the drapes feature special touches such as embroidered borders. Creative Threads curtains are available in 2 stock sizes: 50”x96” and 50”x108”. They also offer bedding and unique decorative pillow designs.

Contact your local Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island location and learn more about these and other great choices for your windows. Complimentary in-home consultations are available.

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North Island - Courtenay

Jun 18, 2023

Window Treatments for Your West Coast Contemporary Home

Vancouver Island loves West Coast Contemporary interior design - with clean lines and surfaces that showcase comfortable and inviting spaces. The right window treatments will help you create these aesthetically pleasing living spaces. Window treatments are essential to the overall look and feel of your home while providing functional benefits like privacy and light control.

What is West Coast contemporary design?

West Coast contemporary interior design is characterized by clean lines, open spaces, and the use of natural materials to bring the outdoors in. It features open floor plans with carefully curated decor for a clutter-free look. 

When thinking about decorating your space, consider your style and taste. While trends can be a great guide, it’s most important that your home decor reflects your style! 

When choosing window treatments, go for those that will enhance the aesthetic of your West Coast contemporary design. The right window treatment can help bring more natural light to the room and create an illusion of space and openness. Or use a bold contemporary pattern to add colour and patterns to the space.

Window treatments are an essential element of contemporary design style. Drapes, roller shades, and Roman shades are all popular choices for window treatments and are perfect for West Coast contemporary interiors.

If you’re looking for custom window treatments for your contemporary design, reach out to your local design consultants at Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island, who are ready to help. Request a free in-home or virtual consultation from your local Budget Blinds design experts to get started.

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Apr 10, 2023

Why The Direction Your Windows Face Matters

Our Vancouver Island weather varies dramatically from season to season, and depending on the direction your rooms face, that variability can be even more impactful. Your home’s direction impacts how and when the sun hits each room and this can mean big changes in heat and light, depending on the season and direction each room faces.

South-facing windows

If your home faces South, it may have higher energy bills in the summer. Direct sunlight from the south causes heat to build up, forcing the AC to work harder. However, it may also be warmer in the winter for the same reason. 

Southern exposure makes a room cozy in the winter. The addition of shades to the window allows the option to raise the shades and enjoy the sun's warmth during those chilly winter months. However, it can also make summer too hot or bright without the right window treatments. That’s why it’s essential to work with a professional window treatment designer to determine which product will work best for a southern-facing window.

North-facing windows

Windows that face north receive natural light all day but don’t receive direct sunlight. Interior shutters are a great way to take advantage of the indirect sunlight from north-facing windows. Their louvers can let in as much or as little light as you like while the cordless design looks clean and uncluttered in kitchens, bathrooms, and home offices. 

Alternatively, sheer curtains add gentle textures and patterns to your interior decor without restricting sunlight. In daylight, pulling sheer drapes across the window allows the indirect sunlight to shine through and highlight the design. Adjust the blinds or shade behind the drapes to add privacy or control the light. 

East-facing windows

An east-facing window will catch the early sun, which can appear bright and glaring in the morning, and diffused and delicate later in the day. Dark colors will seem gloomy, but light colors and sheer materials bring out the softness of the sunlight.

Morning sunlight is welcome in a kitchen or living room, but it can be an annoyance in a bedroom. The best way to deal with morning light is to customize your window treatments to get exactly the amount of light you want.

West-facing windows

On summer afternoons, west-facing windows can cause heat to build up. To keep the room comfortable, make sure to keep them covered. Like with south-facing windows, you don't want to lose all the natural light you get from west-facing windows, but you also need to deal with glare and heat. Blinds are a great choice because you can change their angle as the sun moves, diffusing light without blocking it out.

Energy efficiency

Most energy-efficient window treatments use layers of fabric to improve insulation and control light in the room, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Whether you like shades, drapes, blinds, or shutters, there are many energy-efficient window treatment choices.

To prevent UV rays from damaging your furniture and decor, consider solar shades or try UV-resistant window film if you prefer a clear view but don’t want to risk damage to your decor.


Motorized window treatments will help you avoid continually moving the position of your blinds. With various sensors and timers available, they can be programmed to change on their own based on the sun’s position to give you the perfect lighting without lifting a finger.

Regardless of your home's direction, Budget Blinds can help you find window treatments that make sense for your home. 

Request a free in-home or virtual consultation from your local Budget Blinds design experts to get started.

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Jul 28, 2022

3 Signs It's Time to Replace Those Worn Out Window Coverings

Is it time to update your blinds? If it’s not just about aesthetics, consider these other signs it might be time for new window coverings: 

1. Warped, Bent or Broken Slats
Faux wood blinds will bend when exposed to high heat for long periods, while wooden blinds warp when exposed to moisture. Aluminum blinds also dent when you apply heavy pressure. The damage is not only unpleasant to look at, it can cause difficulty during operation. 

Solar/roller shades might be a great replacement choice for those windows that get a lot of sun. Choose from a range of opacities to filter light, heat, and harmful UV rays. 

And while aluminum blinds can be a cost efficient choice in offices or commercial settings, honeycomb or cellular cordless shades or roller shades are an excellent upgrade for your home. They're child-friendly, available in light-filtering to room-darkening, and are flexible, very durable, and easy to clean.

2. The Window Treatments Are Difficult to Open

Do you struggle to open your blinds and shades or draw your curtains? If so, it means that your opening mechanisms are damaged or are simply worn out and need to be replaced. For corded blinds, the damage may also be tangling or broken cords. For non-motorized curtains and drapes, opening and closing may be restricted due to jammed curtain tracks. The carriers in the track could be off or the cord control is simply worn out and frayed, making the curtains even harder to operate.

Frayed cords are also difficult to operate. A new set of blinds helps you eliminate operation issues and the frustration of not being able to raise or lower your blinds. You may also experience problems with old, motorized blinds, or shades. Automation has improved greatly, with new motorization options from rechargeable to smart home apps. Replace outdated technology and enjoy opening and closing your window treatments with the push of a button on your smartphone.

3. Discolored Slats and Fabrics

Over years of use and exposure to weather elements, the slats on your blinds and wood shutters lose their color and begin to yellow. UV rays from the sun discolor the material, making your blinds and shutters appear faded and outdated.

New window treatments are pleasing to the eye, especially if you're looking to upgrade your home for sale. Homebuyers are more willing to give your house a chance if the window treatments are as new as the freshly painted walls in the rest of the house.

Where Should You Start?

Do you need new window treatments but don't know where to start? Budget Blinds of Vancuver Island has the solution for you. Schedule a free consultation with us to receive expert guidance on window treatments for a fresh look or sale upgrade.

Contact your closest Budget Blinds location today:

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May 10, 2022

Keep Cool This Summer - And Warm Next Winter - With Help From Budget Blinds

Big bright windows are a fabulous feature in any home, but have you considered how they affect your home’s heating and cooling?

As much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through the windows, costing you extra money and making it difficult to regulate home temperatures. Many experts agree that an average house featuring 15 windows outfitted with energy efficient window coverings can achieve an annual energy savings of approximately $150. Remember, “it’s the little things” such as energy efficient window treatments, that make a difference in helping to conserve energy.

So rather than cranking up your heat or air conditioning to avoid uncomfortable temperatures inside your home, look to Budget Blinds for a number of great solutions. Choose from an array of versatile blinds, shades, shutters, and window film that are practical, energy efficient, and stylish.

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, combine the soft look and energy efficiency of window shades with the functionality of horizontal blinds.

Layering your curtains or drapery with light filtering or room darkening liners helps control light gaps and improve insulation retention.

Traditional wood shutters use an insulating design that helps make indoor spaces cooler in summer and warmer in winter, keeping your room at an ideal temperature.

Window film deflects up to 99% of damaging UV rays, reducing heat gain and protecting your furniture against harmful UV damage.

To maximize energy efficiency, consider our floor-to-ceiling drapes that fold back against the wall. This allows the drapes to seal off the window, preventing drafts and loss of heat through convection. 

Learn more about all of the options at your local Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island:

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North Island - Courtenay


Jan 29, 2022

Consider Shutters From Budget Blinds to Update Your Window Decor

Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island offers a huge variety of window coverings, so when its time for you to update or add to your home’s window decor, you’ll find exactly what you need. 

Window Shutters are a popular choice for an upgraded, updated look in any home. Shutters can easily elevate the decor in any room, while also controlling light and privacy in your home. Depending on your home’s style you may wish to consider traditional wood or planation style shutters. For kitchen and bathrooms - and our humid west coast weather - composite shutters are a great durable choice.

Wood shutters are available in a number of stains and colurs, and can also be custom stained to to suit your decor.

If you want to bring in extra light while still maintaining privacy, consider cafe style shutters, which cover only the bottom half of the window

Shutters are a great option for homes with children and pets, as they are cord-free for safety. And while they are easy to operate, you can also have them motorized for added convenience.

Shutters also offer an added layer of insulation for your windows, to help you control indoor temperatures year-round.

If it’s time to update your window coverings, call you nearest Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island location and consider their extensive selection of window shutters.

Contact your local store today:

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Sep 29, 2021

Meet Budget Blinds Style Consultant Chloe Traviss

Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island is proud to offer complimentary design consultations to help you sort through all of your window covering options.

Budget Blinds’ design professionals will help you find the exact right fit for your windows! In Campbell River, customers can meet with Chloe Traviss.

Chloe is a style consultant at Budget Blinds with many years of interior design experience. She started her design career with a sub-specialty in kitchens and home staging. Chloe has experience working on both new construction as well as renovations of all sizes. 

Chloe lives in Campbell River with her husband, daughter, and their new puppy. In her free time you can find Chloe at the ocean or exploring the beautiful outdoors Vancouver Island has to offer. 

Chloe is looking forward to building relationships with our new and past clients while bringing beautiful window coverings to the many homes of Campbell River. For all of your window covering needs, set up a free in-home consultation with Chloe and explore all of your options -  from draperies, to shades, shutters, window film, home automation and more. Chloe will professionally measure your windows and leave you with a free quote, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Additional Covid Safety measures are in place, and virtual consultations are also available.

Contact Chloe and the Campbell River team via the North Island location:
North Island - Courtenay


Aug 15, 2021

Black Out The Light for a Better Sleep With Budget Blinds

As the kids get ready to head back to school, getting them back on a regular sleep schedule can be a challenge. But, Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island is here to help! 

Black out shades or curtains can help get kids to bed on time, in a properly darkened room. Especially through the late summer, while we still have longer days and it can be difficult to settle into a regular sleep routine, something as easy as changing out the window coverings can make all the difference.

Your local Budget Blinds store can provide a live or virtual in-home design consultation, and can offer professional measuring and installation services, which means one less thing for you to prep for back to school.

As seasons change, it’s a great time to review your window coverings needs. For light control, for security and for temperature regulation, your window coverings are more than just pretty to look at. Having the right window coverings in each space can make your home more comfortable year round.

Contact your local Budget Blinds of Vancouver Island store today, to get set up for success to start the school year!

Cowichan Valley

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North Island - Courtenay



Dec 15, 2020

Season's Greetings from Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island

The team at Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island would like to wish their clients and the communities they serve a safe and healthy holiday season.

In a year like no other, Budget Blinds has continued to provide Vancouver Island residents with the great service they are known for, with a number of safety modifications in place, for both their staff and customers.

Budget Blinds is well known for their in-person complimentary consultations with their in-house designers. These are still available in-person, or if you prefer, arrange a virtual consultation.

And as always, Budget Blinds’ selection covers all price points and styles. From partnerships with famous brands like Hunter Douglas to their own in-house brands, you’ll find a style that meets your budget and your window coverings needs. From curtain to shutters, and from automation to unique window shapes, they’ve got you covered!

Contact Budget Blinds today:

Call Budget Blinds today at any one of their three Vancouver Island locations:

Cowichan Valley

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North Island - Courtenay



Apr 23, 2020

Budget Blinds Is Open to Serve You on Vancouver Island - With Safety in Mind

After being closed for three weeks to do their part to stop the spread of Covid-19, Budget Blinds is once again open to serve customers on Vancouver Island, having implemented a variety of measures to keep you and their staff safe.

These measures include:

  • Options for virtual consulations
  • Limiting the number of homes their staff goes into daily
  • Asking health and safety screening questions before all installations and consultations
  • Wearing masks and gloves as required
  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing routines
  • Practicing social distancing during all appointments
  • Paperless consultations so avoid passing paperwork back and forth

Spring is often a time for people to renew and refresh their homes. New window coverings from Budget Blinds might be the perfect finishing touch to your updates, or a one-step solution to create a new look in your home. Now you can safely order from Budget Blinds and also choose to have their in-home consultations and professional installation done with your and the employees' safety in mind.

Budget Blinds is locally owned and operated on Vancouver Island. Your support of local small businesses during this hard time makes a difference to their employees throughout Vancouver Island.

Contact Budget Blinds today at any one of their three Vancouver Island locations:

Cowichan Valley
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Call 250.751.8564

North Island - Courtenay


Feb 27, 2020

Hunter Douglas and Budget Blinds Join Forces on Vancouver Island

Two of the biggest names in window coverings have come together to provide customers on Vancouver Island with an expanded selection of window coverings. Budget Blinds and Hunter Douglas have teamed up to provide clients with greater access to Hunter Douglas’s world famous offerings. 

Now Budget Blinds’ free in-home consultations include the opportunity to choose from Hunter Douglas’s hundreds of window-covering products including sheers, shades, blinds and shutters plus PowerView® motorization and other advanced operating systems. 

“Like any other small business who finally gains a supplier they have been wanting for a while, we are beyond excited,” says David Anderson, the franchisee for three Vancouver Island Budget Blinds locations. 

“Offering our Vancouver Island clients this vast selection is something we are very proud of and are looking forward to seeing the final design outcomes of our first few Hunter Douglas projects.”

Call any one of the Budget Blinds locations in the Comox Valley, Nanaimo or the Cowichan Valley and set up your free in-home consultation today. Budget Blinds' designers will work with your budget and lifestyle needs to create the perfect look for your home. With professional measuring and installation options, your new window coverings will be a highlight in your home for years to come.


Oct 28, 2019

Add Home Technology From Budget Blinds to Make Your Home More Comfortable and Secure

While most of us know about smart speakers and thermostats for updating our home technology, we often forget that window coverings can also be automated to enhance the comfort and security of your home.

Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island is a leader in automation for window coverings as well as other home technology.

The Smart Home Collection by Budget Blinds includes brands like Somfy®, SONOS, and other top tech brands to offer homeowners a suite of state-of-the-art, intuitive solutions for today’s modern home. You can control your window coverings, lighting, climate, home security and entertainment systems, with the push of a button from your smart device, handheld remote control, or keypad. 

And of course Budget Blinds can work with your existing window coverings to retrofit them with new technology. Motorized retrofit solutions offer significant savings compared to an all-new motorized system, and allow you to program window coverings on timers to open and close at specific times during the day to help save on energy costs. You can even select from several control options- from wireless wall switches to hand-held remotes!

Motorized window treatments allow you to control and schedule the positioning of your window coverings for enhanced, on-demand privacy, and since they are cordless, they provide a safer environment for children and pets. Motorized window treatments also include unique sensors that allow you to increase energy efficiency by automatically adjusting your window coverings with rising temperatures. 

Find the technology you want at your locally-owned Vancouver Island Budget Blinds store. Budget Blinds of the North Island is located in Courtenay and serves Campbell River, The Comox Valley and surrounding communities.

Contact them today at 250.338.8564, visit their showroom at 8 - 2663 Kilpatrick Avenue, Courtenay, or request a free in-home consultation online.


Jun 07, 2019

Keep Cool This Summer With Savings From Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island

Up to 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. So rather than cranking up your heat or air conditioning to avoid uncomfortable temperatures this summer, let Budget Blinds help with an array of versatile blinds, shades, shutters, and window film that are practical and energy efficient, and also on-trend.

This June Budget Blinds of the North Island is offering $150 off Cellular and Solar shades, and 20% off Window Film to help beat the heat.

These energy efficient window coverings will keep you feeling cool and your home looking great this summer, and can also keep the heat in during the cold winter months.

As well, window film deflects up to 99% of damaging UV rays, protecting your furniture, floors and artwork against harmful UV damage, while helping to keep temperatures cool.

Contact Budget Blinds of the North Island at the Courtenay showroom (8 - 2663 Kilpatrick Avenue) or online to book a complimentary in-home consultation.

Enjoy expert advice and choose from the latest styles and custom options such as motorization to make the most of your window treatments.

Apr 18, 2019

Enjoy 50% off Norman Brand Shutters this Month at Budget Blinds of the North Island

Budget Blinds of the North Island is offering 50% off Norman-brand shutters for the month of April. Enjoy a free in-home design consultation and find the perfect shutters for your home.

Whether you prefer wood or faux wood shutters, composite or vinyl shutters, you’ll find Norman shutters to complement any type of window or interior design style.

Window shutters can be customized in many different ways and add a premium, inviting ambiance to a room, while elevating your existing décor. Choose from a variety of designer-inspired materials and finishes. In addition to their lasting beauty, shutters provide exceptional light adjustment with their movable louvers.

Contact Budget Blinds of the North Island to arrange an in-home consultation or visit their showroom at 8 - 2663 Kilpatrick Avenue in Courtenay. From that showroom consultants serve the Comox Valley, Campbell River and the North Island.

Call 250.338.8564

Or request a free in-home consultation online.

Feb 12, 2019

Budget Blinds Of Vancouver Island is Holding Their Biggest Sale of the Year

Budget Blinds of North and Central Vancouver Island is having their biggest sale of the year this month, with 50% off Enlightened Style and Signature Series window coverings.

Exclusive to Budget Blinds, the Enlightened Style Line offers a stunning variety of window treatments, including aluminum blinds, cellular shades, woven shades, and more. With the latest technology, child safety and privacy options, discover what Enlightened Style blinds can offer your home.

The Signature Series from Budget Blinds offers the latest on-trend options, with new products released every year. Choose from solar and roller shades in a variety of fabrics and colours, or choose sliding panels for large windows or patio doors.

If the choices seem overwhelming, book a complimentary consultation with a Budget Blinds designer, who will guide you through selecting the best products to suit your home and lifestyle.

Contact them today at 250.338.8564 or request a free in-home consultation online. Hurry - these saving are only available until the end of February.

Budget Blinds of the Central Island serves the Comox Valley, Campbell River, Nanaimo, the  Cowichan Valley and beyond from their Courtenay showroom.

Nov 15, 2018

Freshen Up Your Home for the Holidays With This Offer From Budget Blinds on the North Island

This month book an appointment with Budget Blinds of Comox Valley, Campbell River and the North Island by Nov. 21 and get some help for the holidays in the form of a Visa gift card of up to $500 with your purchase.

Enjoy a fresh new look for the holidays with updated window coverings and earn $50 back for every $1,000 you spend.

Budget Blinds offers free in-home consultations to help you get the best products for your home. Enjoy design help, accurate measuring and professional installation to create your fresh new look in time for the holidays. Whether it’s new blinds, sheers, shutters or curtains you’re looking for, Budget Blinds of the Comox Valley offers the best selection and service, at the best price.

Serving North Island communities including the Comox Valley, Campbell River, and beyond, contact them today to learn more.

Visit the showroom at 8 - 2663 Kilpatrick Avenue in Courtenay, call 250.338.8564 or request a free in-home consultation online.


Jul 03, 2018

Scratch-and-Save to Beat the Heat this Month at Budget Blinds of the North Island

Now is the time to save at Budget Blinds of the North Island. They’re having a scratch-and-save sale this July that can earn you 25-40% off your order.

With summer heating up, consider new window covering to keep your home cool - you’ll save on your purchase and on heating and cooling costs in your home with the right blinds, shades or curtains.

Here are just a few option to consider:

  • Honeycomb shades are designed with honeycomb-shaped cells, which are designed enhance your home’s energy efficiency by keeping air from escaping or entering your home.

  • Hardwood shutters have an insulating design to make indoor spaces cooler in summer and warmer in winter, keeping your room at an ideal temperature.

  • Window film deflects 99% of damaging UV rays, lessening heat gain and protecting your furniture against harmful UV damage.

Contact the design team at Budget Blinds of the North Island and arrange for a free in-home consultation and find the best solution for your home. And all July order will have a chance to scratch-and-save from 25-40%.

Visit the showroom at 8 - 2663 Kilpatrick Avenue in Courtenay, call 250.338.8564 or request a free in-home consultation online.


Feb 05, 2018

Change Up Your Look With Window Panels or New Shades With Help from the Designers at Budget Blinds

Budget Blinds Vancouver Island NorthHome decorating trends can be a challenge to keep up with. The designers at Budget Blinds of Central and Northern Vancouver Island can ensure that your window treatments reflect the latest styles. Window coverings come in an endless variety of options, so help from a professional can ensure that your choices suite your home, lifestyle and decor.

Budget Blinds has adapted to changing styles by offering classic designs, current trends and up-and-coming products. Some trends their designers are seeing for 2018 include drapery side panels that accent other window treatments, and dual shades.

Window panels easily bring a splash of life to a quiet room. Available in a vast selection of colors, patterns, and prints, window panels express your individual style and make a personal statement in any room. Create elegant living spaces, or choose fun and colourful fabrics for a child’s room. Panels are available in durable and long-lasting fabrics that are prepared to handle the stress and mess of any active household, helping reduce the need for cleaning or replacement from heavy wear-and-tear over time.

Dual sheer shades offer the privacy benefits of a window shade with the softening view of a sheer. When the vanes are open, the two layers of soft knitted fabric sheers maintain a level of privacy at all times, while allowing diffused natural light to enter the room. Sheer shades can be paired with other window coverings for a layered, dramatic look, but also look great as stand-alone window treatments.

To learn more about what trends will best suit your home and lifestyle, contact Budget Blinds of The Comox Valley, Campbell River and the North Island  at 250.338.8564 today. Request a free in-home consultation online today.

Jul 12, 2016

Customize Your Home or Office Window Coverings with Help From Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island

Budget Blinds Vancouver IslandBudget Blinds on Vancouver Island carries a huge variety of window coverings including blinds, shutters, shades, curtains, drapes and window film.

They now serve the Comox Valley, as well as Campbell River, Qualicum, Parksville and Nanaimo.

Budget Blinds provides high quality and stylish window coverings and blinds for new homes and home renovations as well as for commercial, retail and professional offices. Their goal is simple: to provide their customers with the best window coverings and products combined with professional installation services. To help choose the most suitable window product in the perfect texture and colour, they have  interior designers on staff who will come to you to help you choose the right window coverings for your home or office.

Budget Blinds also supplies business owners and property managers a complete turnkey solution for their window covering needs. Commercial window treatments are available motorized, flame retardant, kid friendly, cordless and even energy conserving. Budget Blinds also offers an entire line of green window coverings that are eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials. 

They offer very competitive pricing on popular and unique window coverings. Budget Blinds can customize fit any window covering regardless of the shape of the window.  

Call them today to schedule your free consultation!

Jun 29, 2014

What Makes Budget Blinds Unique on Vancouver Island?

Budget Blinds on Vancouver IslandAt Budget Blinds, their goal is simple: to provide their customers with the best window coverings and products, combined with professional installation services to enrich your home and office environments. They offer:

Interior Design - The talented interior designers at Budget Blinds will help you choose the best window coverings for your business in the perfect texture and colour. Budget Blinds also has an enti​re line of eco-friendly window coverings made with sustainable materials and can custom fit any window covering.

Trained Experts - The trained experts at Budget Blinds will manage your commercial window-covering project through every phase of implementation: design, measuring, ordering, delivery, and installation. Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island has the strength of Budget Blinds and Home Franchise Concepts behind them, so they can give their customers the best products and service at the best price, all backed by one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry.

Commercial Window Coverings - Budget Blinds offers Vancouver Island business owners and property managers a complete turnkey solution for their window-covering needs. They have experience providing commercial window coverings to a variety of industries, including health care, hospitality, restaurant, education, government, and many more. Commercial window treatments are available in a wide range of motorized, flame-retardant, child-friendly, cordless, and even energy-conserving options. They offer very competitive pricing on popular and unique window coverings for commercial and professional buildings.

Budget Blinds on Vancouver Island carries an extensive variety of residential and commercial window coverings, including blinds, shutters, shades, curtains, drapes, and window film. Budget Blinds provides high-quality blinds and stylish window coverings for new homes and home renovations, as well as for commercial, retail, and professional offices at competitive prices.

Call them today at 250.338.8564 to schedule your free consultation. You can also visit their website read their blog, or order 10 free swatches. Sign up to get 25% off selected Signature Series window coverings!!

They serve the Comox Valley communities of Comox, Courtenay, and Cumberland on Vancouver Island, as well as the east coast communities from Campbell River and Oceanside, to Nanaimo.

Contact Budget Blinds

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