Power Smart Gold Home on Vancouver Island

Posted: Sep 02, 2010

Lycene Spray Foam Insulates & Serves as Air & Vapour Barrier

Today, there are many products available in the Comox Valley, Campbell River, as well as the rest of Vancouver Island that did not exist 30 years ago, in regards to the construction industry.  Lcyene Spray Foam Insulation is an example of a product that has only been available in the US since 1986 for home construction. Lcyene Spray Foam, serves as insulation as well as an air and vapour barrier. 

One Vancouver Island home recently Blower Door Tested for Hargrave Construction, will be a Power Smart Gold and an extremely energy efficient Vancouver Island home, coming in with the tightest construction Elemental Energy Advisors has seen, at 1.17 Air Change Rates per Hour (ACH). Average new home construction on Vancouver Island comes in at 3.5- 5.5 ACH, which is also why a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) was incorporated into the construction. 

If you would like to know how tight of a home you and your sub trades are producing on Vancouver Island, call Cristi at 250-830-8000or email any questions to cristi@elementalenergyadvisors.ca for your Blower Door Test and check the air tightness on your Vancouver Island home.

To test your Vancouver Island home visit Elemental Energy Advisors.

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