Nutmeg Homes is Exploring New Green Building Technology on Vancouver Island

Posted: Jan 25, 2012

New Green Homes Builder ComoxNutmeg Homes is a Comox Valley based builder of Insulated Concrete Forms homes. The company has been building new homes  on Vancouver Island since 1999. Nutmeg Homes custom home builders strive to continually improve their product, with energy efficient and eco-friendly products. An ICF home by Nutmeg Homes uses up to 40% less energy than the average new home in B.C.
Insulated Concrete Forms or ICFs are hollow foam blocks or panels, which are stacked to form the walls of the home. The forms are filled with steel-reinforced concrete to create a solid structure. The resulting walls offer solid construction that provides a draft-free, quiet, healthy and comfortable living environment. Nutmeg Homes is also exploring the options for building Living Roofs for residential homes in B.C., after the successful completion of a green roof on a Comox Valley commercial building.
For more information on Nutmeg Homes and their ICF construction process, visit their website

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