Core Systems Offers Affordable Green Alternatives for Paving and Landscaping

Posted: May 19, 2011


core gravel contained aggregate paving alternativesCore Systems offers 100% permeable solutions to create attractive, eco-friendly and affordable alternatives to paved surfaces. Core Systems’ permeable paving solutions provide soil stability, erosion control and serve as an environmentally friendly paving alternative. The Core Systems honeycomb-celled polypropylene panels serve as a gravel and soil stabilizer and can be used to create “green” laneways and driveways of gravel or grass.  Both the gravel/grass stabilization system and the new line of recycled rubber pavers are ideal for creating porous walkways, roof-top gardens and European estate-style driveways. Core Systems offers stable surfaces that are designed to withstand daily vehicle use and are also bicycle and wheelchair friendly. Their systems are easily installed and require very little ongoing maintenance. Contact Core Systems today to learn about their functional, permeable paving alternatives.
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