Building Links Celebrates 18 years and 900 Editions

Posted: May 17, 2011

Clarice Coty, founder of Building Links Building Links, the weekly North Island Construction Newsletter published its 900th edition on May 12, 2011. For 18 years, since its first edition on May 17, 1993, Building Links has been providing a construction report to subscribers, first in paper form, and as technology changed, via email.  “I would like to acknowledge the continuous support of our clients for our ongoing success. They recognize the value for their business of the information presented each week in Building Links,” said editor and founder Clarice Coty. “The staff of the North Island municipalities and regional districts are also key components in helping us gather and report accurate information, and for that we thank them.”

Each week, news of new building permits, tenders, and major new developments – both commercial and residential – is announced in Building Links. Subscribers to the newsletter include Vancouver Island businesses who benefit from knowing what construction projects and developments are in the works, as well as whom to contact about each project.

Mark Hedican, manager of WesternOne Rentals and Sales, has been using Building Links for the past 17 years. “We find Building Links to be an invaluable resource for our business so that we can get up-to-date news on new construction projects,” he said. Hedican added that the quarterly construction statistics from Building Links provide tremendous value in forecasting future sales.

Building Links offers a free four-week trial to any potential new subscriber. For more information, visit the website at

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